Scientifically, red increases interest. Green makes us calm. Blue inspires trust. Colors have the ability to subtly shift the way we feel, whether we realize it or not. The colors you paint your house are a defining factor of your home.


So how do you paint to add value? Well, it varies a little depending on what kind of house you have, but in this post I’ll go over some beginner level rules to keep your home makeover on the right track.


Don’t paint your walls a dark shade of any color. If you are set on adding very dark colors to your scheme, buy chairs with black legs, or throw down a print rug. Dark shades can be great to make your home look svelte and modern, but make sure to keep them small and subtle. They should be an afterthought, not the first thing people notice.


If you’re not sure, default to shades of white. Most people are busy, both in their lives, and in their headspace and they don’t need visual clutter. This will also open up small rooms and make older houses feel newer. If you are invested in adding daring colors to your scheme, put down rugs or lay out throw blankets. The white walls will make them stand out instead of competing for attention.


Don’t paint your walls bright, primary colors with the exception of a child’s bedroom. Even then, it’s best to balance it out by doing one wall in color and the rest in cream.


Don’t shy away from pastels, just don’t overdo it. However, keep the rooms you choose to paint to a minimum. Kitchens and bathrooms are good choices for pastel shades.


On a final note, paint isn’t just for indoors! If your property has a wooden fence or porch, or even a porch swing, give it a fresh coat of paint in a color that complements your home and it’ll be an asset to your neighborhood.


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